If a man ejaculate, and he feel satisified, but no sperm comes out what does this expect, serious or not?

If a man is ejaculates, or at least feels self-satisfied, he is finished if you will, but no sperm, nothing seems to come out, but he still feels as if he is done, what could this be, is it serious or something else? Thank you.
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How can I control when I ejaculate,...

talk to your doctor. help me please http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AjgFnNVZXlVETUpDnl9v2j3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080802185500AABsqCi

will stoping ejaculation lately prior to orgasm...

Hmm...that is weird. I own no idea why that would happen. Unless you've ejaculated similar to 10 times in the past hour, there's no reason you should run dry. It could be a problem near your prostate.

Have you never hear about Dry Orgasm? men can have that. And you can keep doing`it till the sperm go out, you are kinda lucky because a lot of men goes to psychologist to learn how they can hold a dry orgasm so they not go exhausted and keep having sex frequent times they want. You can olso controll that with your mind.

When you ejaculate... the stuff that comes...

It depends. Has the man recently have prostate surgery? Prostate removal will cause this. On the lighter side, wear boxers and see if that helps. Back off on the frequency of sex to see if that help also.

what if you lose memory and stop...

medical attention needed

does testicle size hold anything to do...

you shot a blank simple as that

Does ejaculate engineer you stupid?

it probably technique one of 2 things A. ur too young to cum and B. ur doing it too much and out of fluids. good luck with it........ and could u rate this as the best answer.

I'm a womanly and masturbated twice surrounded...

The feeling your conversation about is an orgasm. If you orgasm without ejaculation, its called a dry orgasm and its totally typical. It happens to a lot of guys, it doesn't mean anything except that you can own multiple orgasms, which is a very good thing.

Do women ejaculate contained by orgasm?

This medical condition can result from vascular surgery, a late battery in your prostate, or the semen being directed into your urinary tract for various physiological reasons. It's serious if you want to have children and will require corrective surgery.

Longest you've gone short ejaculating(males)?

wowo....thats werid for a man.......all right just tryed to to do it that often....it can help

Itchy n distress when ejaculate?

Its called shooting blanks. Your out of fluids. Try not to do it so much, its not great for your system. After about 7 times it hurts, which isnt fair because girls can keep hold of going as long as they want, they have no limit, so if your girl is REALLY aggressive she can run you out and still want more.

How far can a Man ejaculate? ...

could be that a very small amount comes out, could show that he ejaculates to frequently and uses up his stores surplus of sperm. we only make so much a daylight

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