How do I ejaculate hands-free?

I have to follow a Mormon covenant that forbids masturbating (in order to be worthy to enter one of their temples.) I inevitability a valid excuse to release my "sexual steam;" a wet-dream is the one of the last things I want to have. Is there a distinctive technique to masturbate hands-free? How long will that take to ejaculate? What other word can I call it (since masturbation is technically using hands?)
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i missed one pill and my boyfriend...

get your dick sucked while holding your hands up within the air

Ejaculating during sex or not?


Ejaculate burns...?

are you on an FLDS colony plot or just plain LDS (not on a colony or farm) If your on an FLDS colony plot than just keep hold of it a secret I'm LDS (mormon) and I have never fully read "the word of wisdom" but i've also never heard of a "rule" or guideline in the order of that BTW the word of wisdom is just a guideline, just approaching we are not supposed to drink coffe of fermented beverages (alcohol)

Does anyone ejaculate blood when they come?


How can u stop prematurely ejaculate?

if mormons forbid masturbating, that also includes practices without hand. Youre out of luck =/

Not on the other hand ejaculate?

There is no opening to release your tension without stimulation. Don't the mormon converts marry?

We are made contained by God's image. That includes a massive sex drive in young race, with the attendant need for release, usually daily. One of the tons reasons we have hands. Use one of them. Don't deny the instrument God made you. It's sinful and unhealthy.

ejaculate hasty?

a few points: 1)i feel sorry for you 2)there are some techniques on 3)get some of your non-mormon friends to jack you off.....if your into that kinda entry

is pre ejaculate fluid count as ejaculation?...

stick it in a pillow folded and go at it.

I masturbate frequently, but only when I...

either change from wherever ur or ur mind set also try and modify them tell them its natural boys need it and 100% incl liars do it and so?

during sex can a woman quality when...

Don't be mormon.

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Stimulate your prostate....about 3" inside your anus!

My foreskin tip is extremely sensitive and...

i respect ur religion but men hav requests im sorry :(

Over days gone by year, I've have...

pound your penis between your mattresses.

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