How come when i ejaculate it doesn't shoot out?

i have been masturbating for only a few days and i don't do it recurrently so what is wrong?
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I'm 13, and adjectives i cant ejaculate,...

It depends on your age and what stage of puberty you are at, for exaple you might be masturbateing to hasty so you body might no have started makeing sperm yet, also it dependson how much sperm ur body makes, you can do exercises liek "kegals" i have a sneaking suspicion that there called witch are ment to make the muscles witch form your cum shoot out stronger meaning a begtter ejaculation and it shoots out much more, just look it up on google :D its also up to age too i started at 12 and dident cum at all after one time it ame out with a see through sticky thing that just sorta come out as i got older the sperm camee out wighter and more of it, and it satred to shoot out shitt why do i always write so muchhhhh :/

i ejaculate too shortly?

Maybe you're a woman

Why cant i ejaculate when i'm sick?

Some are shooters, some are oozers. Some stream, some splash. For some it just keep cumming, others blow a shot and it's a wrap. We're all different, dude. Don't worry.

When I climax during sex I do...

conceivably ur just wackin it a bit 2 much, i know if i do too much i dont get much of a shot anymore

maybe your body is not ready yet

Does anyone know what controls the amount...

try going harder! it gets better contained by age

When my man ejaculate we enjoy measured...

It actually depends on your body, dont worry so much.. just dont play near it for some time and then when you do (suddenly it shoots).. so dont wack it and know how to stimulate it.. lol Check this book out, I know it helped my bf ejaculate better and even helped him making me ejaculate! Hope I help GL, Cookie

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