Does tabasco hot sauce applied to the anus really furnish men erections for long period of time?

I have heard this theory plentiful times but I was just wondering if it works. I literally have no desire to try it but it seem very far fetched.
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How do I preserve from getting an...

NO,don't believe everything you hear

My erection at the movies.....?

It burns like hell!! That is all I have to say aloud.

I obtain erections when I rouse contained...

Try it and let me know.

What do you suggest for a fitting...

Dude! I think you need to grow up a little because apllying that to your anus is the most stupid entry i have ever heard!

what does it scrounging if i gain...

Mostly it will just make your eyes water.

how can i grasp maximun erection?

that's the most stupid entity I ever heard, well almost

Erection,,,Allways contained by the morning?

Well, I have never hear that one before. And honestly...I'm not about to get up and try it.

I get an erection during class?

any that or turns your pecker into a flamethrower

Yes , it works wonders Konrad .................... and it doesn`t even burn . It`s longer lasting than Viagra . But , if you want an all-day erection , try the "hot chili pepper" method . You don`t put it ON your anus .............. you put it IN your anus . Push it up something like 4" , then wait about 10 minutes for the "magic" to start . Try it , you`ll be pleasantly pleased next to the results .

I bring erections at the most inconvenient...

Hey try it out next get back with us and relate us how it worked out for ya.............Iroc

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